Photophobia: abnormal eye sensitivity and intolerance to light, especially sunlight 

pain — headaches — nausea — seizures — Tension

Over 40 million in the U.S. alone, and hundreds of millions worldwide fight crippling diseases and disability with little to no help outside of their personal medical staff.

There are over 351 known causes of Photophobia.
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The Power to Effect Change

Millions of people will be set free to live a better life with fewer impediments to overcome. They will be able to do more outdoor activities, and experience more freedom to work, play, and go places that were unavailable before. Our help will change their lives, produce a lot of productive people, and result in better neighborhoods, communities, and will indirectly impact our country for the better. 


Mission Statement

To refer people with photophobia to find all available help using every resource available at their local, county, state, and federal government levels.  We will direct clients to private companies, and organizations with the ability, and resources available to help, and or assist with these types of disabilities. We will provide medical and counseling referrals, instructions, brochures, and various other necessities to help raise public awareness and provide assistance without charge.


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