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‘Cause there are hundreds of millions of photophobic people suffering every day all over the world.

‘Cause we want to be humane, and help others less fortunate.

‘Cause we want to reach out to those in pain, sickened, and physically disabled by bright light and blinding sun.

‘Cause these people are the hiding in the shadows, and are the “unseen majority” among us.

‘Cause they feel lonely, and isolated from society because no one seems to care about their struggles, or plight.

‘Cause we can reveal (previously unknown) resources available to assist most of these unfortunate people.

 ‘Cause they do not know that we have actual solutions that will help them regain entry into the bright world to live normal lives like their neighbors, and others.

‘Cause they can be helped when nobody else seems to have made much effort.

‘Cause they deeply appreciate our help so very much!
The Prize Is Two Fold
For the Photophobics, they will receive help, guidance, help, and assistance in many ways from one, centralized location with all the information needed improve their lives.

For Donors, and Volunteer helpers: there are many ways Donors can send funds, and/or office equipment to receive a tax deductible donation receipt from this charitable “501c3” Non-Profit organization. Some donors may want to volunteer to work at the office to help keep our costs, and overhead down.

All donors giving more than $100 will be recognized as founding donors. They will receive a 25% discount on our varied sunglasses, or custom made prescription glasses for the next two years.

We are sure that all donors will experience a deep down “Good Feeling” inside themselves as they participate in a great cause that is needed so much for so many. Young people are always looking for a “good cause” to get behind, and support. Elder “Young at Heart” folks are always welcome to participate in any way that they can. We welcome one and all.
Our Commitment
Bruce Holden, Optician, and founder knows photophobia from a personal experience suffered from a major concussion in 2008. He witnessed the effects of photophobia firsthand on the brain, and nervous system. He was unable to work, or do much for over one year, and was very sensitive to the sun and light for over two years. This dramatic experience opened his eyes to the photophobic world, and the conditions they live in. He has recovered miraculously with much prayer, and divine help that gave him the strength to overcome many challenges.

Now, years later, I want to establish a non-profit charity that will be above board, with impeccable standards, and practices that will withstand all scrutiny. “The Photophobic Society” will follow all laws, and standards dictated by local, county, state, and federal laws, and regulations. I will not take one penny for myself as compensation, and will voluntarily set up the best accounting practices overseen by a top, reputable C.P.A., and accounting firm. We will have a board of directors to discuss, and vote on anything of substance. The man to be the C.E.O. will be Dr. David Harris of Phoenix, Arizona. He has a heart for helping others, and I believe he will do an exceptional job administrating this organization.

We will both be accountable to others as well as all laws, statutes, and governmental agencies.
Make a Difference Today
Thank you for your donation to Photophobic Society of America. Please know each dollar you give supports our efforts to make a real and meaningful difference. The resources you provide allow us to remain active and signal to other supporters that we’re all in this together. Whether you’re an individual or a business, we’re grateful for any amount you can give, no matter the amount.
How can you benefit?
You can receive a “501c” Charitable donation receipt for your tax deductions. You can help your fellow man, and feel good inside for what you have contributed to accomplish so much! Many of the photophobics will gladly remove themselves from the government handouts through public assistance.
Extreme Glare sunglasses (as a separate company with no direct connetion) will freely give a coupon of 10% to 20% as a gift on any eyewear purchased through Zurich International for a period of 2 years to each donor, or contributor that gives over $100. to this non-profit charitable organization.
***Both entities operate autonomously, and there is no giving, sharing, receiving, or taking of funds between the two independent, and different entities whatsoever. “Extreme Glare” Sunglasses solely supplies the technology, and products needed to help photophobic people venture outdoors, and to function as normally as possible.

Help Make Photophobics Productive Again!

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Photophobic Society of America
5050 Laguna Blvd. #112-715
Elk Grove, CA 95758
Donation Goals

Thanks to the generous donations from real people, just like you.
The Power to Effect Change

Our volunteers come from all walks of life, and put their individual experience and expertise to work for the greater good.


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