The Plan and Resources
The Plan is to Set Up Offices Worldwide
To begin with, we would like to set up offices of help in the most populous states into regional areas. Later, it would be ideal to have a least one office in each of the 50 states in the U.S., and as funds are available in the future, we can expand throughout the world as needed. There are over 100 million photophobic people in the world today needing special help, and care.
What is Photophobia?
Photophobia can be a painful, annoying, disabling, and a very agonizing response to light, glare, and sunlight. It affects millions of people, and there are many reasons a person may develop sensitivity to light.The impacts of photophobia are far-reaching, impacting victims’ social and socioeconomic lives; “normal” activities like going to work, school, or being outdoors can be difficult or even impossible. Symptoms can be debilitating and far-reaching.

What is the Prognosis?

You can mask the symptoms, but there is no cure for photophobia. Treating the underlying cause is usually the best course of action, determined by your medical team. The Photophobic Society of America is working toward a brighter future for photophobics. By providing access to resources and information, people suffering with this disability can improve their lives.

One technology that does show great results for light sensitivity is called “Extreme Glare” technology “XG”. It is a vast improvement over typical, fashion/style-focused sunglasses. These sunglasses (regular or prescription) block glare and sunlight like no other product on the market. Research XG technology here. This foundation plans to work with various organizations with the hope that proper sun protection is standard care for those with light sensitivity. Government agencies, insurance companies, and/or disability programs can assist with this, and we intend to work closely with any and all avenues available.
***Both entities operate autonomously, and there is no giving, sharing, receiving, or taking of funds between the two independent, and different entities whatsoever. “Extreme Glare” Sunglasses is a commercial enterprise and solely supplies the technology, and products needed to help photophobic people venture outdoors, and to function as normally as possible.
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More information on special purpose sunglasses and prescription glasses made especially for sensitive eyes can be found at: and
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