Solutions For The Blinding Sun
Devastation of Photobia
Photophobia devastates millions of people throughout the globe every day. It hinders people from enjoying simple every day luxuries such as taking a morning walk or driving in a car in the middle of the day. They face constant pain, discomfort, headaches, nausea or, even worse, can have fits or seizures when exposed to any kind of light. This can cause many photophobics to retreat to darkness and isolation, feeling left out in the world. Unfortunately sunglass companies still continue to neglect to provide those with extreme eye sensitivity with proper sunglasses that can help them function normally in society. Looking for sunglasses can be a challenge due to sunglasses failing to balance being dark enough and working efficient enough to provide visual relief while in the presence of light.
We found something that can help you
The Photophobic Society of America has made a conscious effort to provide resources that in turn help photophobics worldwide live a normal life without the restriction of life sensitivity. By providing the proper correct sunglass protection, it can help a person with light sensitivity have the opportunity to finally enjoy the outdoors with less or no negative harmful effects. "Extreme Glare" sunglass technology (Z-XG) by Zurich International has effectively addressed this issue by producing sunglasses that will make a huge difference in the lives of those with sensitive eyes.
Zurich "Extreme Glare" Sunglasses (Z-XG)
Z-XG technology accommodates all frame styles. A person can select any style, shape or size (provided the frame has removable lenses). They have the option to choose any "Original" lens or could even supply their own frames and have Z-XG lenses custom-made to fit their specific needs.

Z-XG technology is available in:
  • Prescription, non-prescription, ready made (in stock), and custom made lenses.
  • Single vision, bifocals, trifocals, and the most sophisticated (no lines) progressive lenses.
  • Z-XG prescription lenses can be put into any frame: big, small, metal, plastic, new and old styles.
Z-XG "Extreme Glare" Sunglasses are the safe, sensible, and as technologically advanced as its only alternative, antiquated Polarized lenses. These lenses have multiple benefits such as:
  • Blocking more sunlight and reflective glare than any other sunglass technology known in the world today. 
  • Surpassing polarized lens technology when used in direct glare from the sun, as well as, glare reflected by water, snow and shiny surfaces.
  • Wearers enjoy the ultimate available relief and a calming, soothing effect to their "sore eyes".
No other sunglasses can provide protection for eye sensitivity as well as comfort like Z-XG "Extreme Glare" sunglasses can! They offer a no risk complete 100% satisfaction guarantee or the customer’s money will be promptly refunded. We guarantee this product will give anyone with light sensitivity total satisfaction.


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Effective and well made

"Bolle King sunglasses - I highly recommend them They are extremely sturdy and the darkening is very effective, especially as sunlight gives me migraines. Very comfortable to wear, they fit well, and they make me look GOOD! Nothing but good to say about them."
Verified Buyer
Excellent sunglasses

"These are the best sunglasses my mother in law owns. She has over 15 pairs of different brands, but this is the only one that blocks the painful rays."
Verified Buyer
OMG! I LOVE my ZIXG sunglasses!

"I had a cornea transplant in my left eye 6 months ago and my left eye 4 weeks ago. The light sensitivity in my eyes has been extremely difficult. I did my research and it kept pointing me to Extreme glare sunglasses. I received then 2 weeks ago and I am so thankful that I did order them. The best purchase I ever did. I can actually go outside and NOT get a headache after 15 minutes. Depth perception is much better. I highly recommended these glasses."
Verified Buyer
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